Redesigning your website

Redesigning your website

5 Indicators You Need to Redesign Your Website

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Redesigning your website

Redesigning your website can be done for multiple reasons. Many brands like to redesign their website simply for a change. However, certain factors can act as strict indicators that your website needs to be redesigned. If you pay attention to these indicators and redesign your website at the right time, you might be able to draw more traffic to the website and even boost sales.

The key is to remember that more often than not, a website redesign is supposed to fix issues with the old website and create something better. This can help you ensure that the redesign achieves the purpose it is done for.

1. Inconsistent with Brand

Your website reflects your brand but if it does not represent your brand well, it should be redesigned. You can design a logo that is more relevant to the brand and make sure that it is also unique and easy to understand. You should also change the font to reflect the actual theme of the brand. This means that if you want the tone of your brand to be professional and sophisticated, you should opt for more professional fonts and avoid using handwritten or script fonts.

You might also need to rethink the colors of your website and see if they even align with the idea of the brand. Even if your website looks good, you have to ask yourself if it is totally on the brand because that matters the most. This is exactly what should make you consider redesigning your website to achieve better results.

2. Difficult to Navigate

No user prefers a website that is hard to navigate so if that is the case with your website, you might need to consider redesigning it. When you add or remove pages or sections to your website after development, there is a chance that your website may become complicated and hard for users to navigate.

This is because users can get confused and may not know which page to reach when they are searching for a particular product or service. In such a situation, you should opt for redesigning because a website with poor navigation can deter users from ever coming back to it again and will lead to low conversion rates as well.

3. Outdated Design

This is a major reason for you to immediately consider redesigning your website. If you made your website years ago, there is a high chance that the design is already outdated, and you should start thinking about a new theme and concept for your website.

First of all, an old and outdated design makes a bad first impression on users making it hard to convince them to trust the brand. Similarly, it also adversely affects the overall user experience on your website.

Every business website needs to be redesigned after a few years. If your website design hasn’t changed in years, you may need to consider giving it a fresh and new look that attracts more users. New features are constantly emerging in the market, and you can only make use of them if you update your website accordingly. This has to be done to stay on top of the game and always stay ahead of the competitors.

4. Change in Brand

Every brand evolves over time but if the main concept of your brand has changed, your website should also be redesigned to align with that. This means that if your brand has expanded and is dealing in more products and services or has ventured into new markets, your website should reflect this.

You may need to add new pages or change the layout of existing pages to suit the brand. Adding new and unique elements and features that prove valuable to the website design can also be a great idea.

5. Lack of a Blog

If your website does not have a blog, it probably needs one. This is because while you may think that a website blog is only partially important, it can help keep your users longer on the website. With good-quality content, users start to trust a brand more and they start to associate with it on a deeper level. It will also help them develop a connection with your product or service which is the exact purpose of a website.

You should consider redesigning your website a way that it has a separate page for a blog that can provide all the important information that your users need. This will make your website appear more professional and add more depth to its content as well.


Website redesigning does not have to be done every year, but you may have to redesign your website if issues pop up or if any of these factors are identified. Just remember that your website redesign does not mean every single part of the website has to be changed. It is also fine if you only redesign the pages or sections that you believe need to be changed. You can keep the rest just the way it is.

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