Test 36v Hoverboard battery

We are going to explain how to test your Hover Tunes Hoverboard 36V Battery using the 4-prong AC Charging adapter that came with your Hoverboard.

With you 4-Prong AC Adapter already plugged into a 110v power supply, you plug in your hoverboard.

Now if your indicator light goes to a solid RED, then your battery is charging like it is supposed to. IF your indicator light goes to a faint blinking RED or does not come on at all, that is an indication that your battery is not charging and/or is Bad. You can get a replacement battery Here.

Now if you plug in your battery in to charge and the faint light goes to a solid RED then your battery should take about four hours to charge completely. And should be checked after completely charged with a Voltmeter. Voltmeter set on 200V.

Test 36V Hoverboard Battery for testing batteriess

Your battery should read at the very least 36V for the Out-put.

NOW if you plug in your battery to the 4-prong adapter and it stays GREEN, then for sure your battery is BAD! and you can get a replacement one here

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