Programming Vivitar Aero View Video Drone remote DIY

Getting Started on Programming Vivitar Aero View Drone Remote

Programming Vivitar Aero View

Programming your Vivitar Aero View Video drone & controller

Ok, Let’s make sure you have the right VIVITAR AERO VIEW VIDEO DRONE! DRC-446 or DRC-888. See Pics Here STOP! DO NOT FLY DRONE PRIOR TO COMPLETING THE FOLLING 1) ONLY TURN DRONE ON LEVEL GROUND. 2) WAIT FOR BLUE LIGHTS TO TURN GREEN BEFORE FLYING. In order for the light to turn blue you need to calibrate the VIVITAR AEROVIEW VIDEO DRONE, as follows, first you must power on the drone the power button is locate on the bottom in the center of the drone, then set it down on level ground. Second power on the DRC-446 Controller. The power button is located on the lower left of the controller Need a replacement on Click HERE. Next you have to connect the remote to the drone, you need to push the left control switch. This establishes a connection between the devices indicated by the solid red and blue lights on the bottom. Want to get your own drone or get one for a gift for a loved one to fly together. Click Here

Next you must calibrate the drones compose buy pushing the compose button located on the top right corner of the remote control, then you must rotate the drone several times clockwise until the blinking front lights turn red, Then pick it up and rotate it vertically (clockwise) until the blinking lights turn blue. After that you must push both control lever down and left simultaneously this will begin GPS calibration. Make sure the drone is outside when the drone is calibrated. When the lights on the drone are solid red and green the drone is fully calibrated. Then make sure the light on the power button on the remote is also solid red indicating the remote has full GPS signal. NOW you’re ready to fly when flying the drone in GPS mode make sure you have plenty of open space. DO NOT program your drone close to any magnetic fields! I hope this information helped. If you need parts for your DRC-446 Click HERE VIDEO COMMING SOON!

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