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Balance Scooter Motherboard Replacement, In this blog I will walk you through changing all the motherboards in your Voyager Hover Tunes Balance Scooter MODELS: VOYAGERT25-PUR, VOYAGERT25-BLU, VOYAGER3030B-PUR and VOYAGER3030B-BLU You can Buy These from us HERE

Balance Scooter Motherboard Replacement

Tools Needed or the tools I use for these repairs are, Impact drill with long enough drill bit to get the deeper screws, Needle Nose Plyers, Wire cutter, and some tool with a point to clean of the glue.

OK let’s get started, FIRST put your hoverboard on a table or bench with some wood or something to hold it flat and level. I use 3 pieces of 2×4 in an H pattern.

First flip it over on its back like show in the picture above, then use your drill to remove the back covers (BOTH OF THEM) Should be 22 screws.

OK Take some pics in case you forget how the wiring sequence goes, Like I did (ABOVE)

FIRST AND FOR MOST DISCONNECT THE BATTERY AND CHARGING WIRE! Ok for me I use the needle nose players to disconnect all the plugs and wire connections. Then I unplug the black, red, blue, green and yellow wires first, then mash them back so they will not touch the motherboard. Once that is done then grab your needle nose plyers again, Clean of the glue the best you can, Take you plyers and pinch the plug from the top so the lock opens up enough to get the plug unplugged, then gently wiggle side to side while slightly pulling up. Repeat this with the rest of the plugs on both sides.

OK now that we have the motherboard disconnected from the power supply and all plugs are unplugged and moved back out of the way, We can disconnect the motherboard. Buy Your Motherboard Kit HERE

Balance Scooter Motherboard Replacement

Now there are two screws one on each end of both motherboards, unscrew those on ONE SIDE AT A TIME! It’s Important that the identical motherboard is replaced with the old one. Then set in place and make sure It’s locked in place before you screw it down, then screw it down GENTLEY! So you do not crush or break the new board! Make sure it is snug and will not move ANY! Then repeat the process on the other side.

Balance Scooter Motherboard Replacement

This is the Bottom plate cover with speaker, and motherboard this is the easiest one to change cuz I sell the motherboard and speaker and bottom plate cover All together, so it’s as simple as unscrew, unplug remove and replace. You can order this package HERE

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